Thursday, 7 July 2016

The by-now-becoming-annual update from That One Guy

Whoa, it's been 9 months since my last post. I've been dreadful at posting here, but I haven't been completely inactive on the fanediting front. In the absence of anything else to write about, I'll go for a recap of my current editing projects and where they're at:

[ABERRANT]/Disturbing Behaviour - As I mentioned previously, this turned into a double-feature edit. One edit is a straight extended edition (including a rebuilt commentary track from David Nutter), the other is a fairly extensive recut with the goal of making the film into more of a paranoid conspiracy thriller and less of a tone-shifting Teenage Stepford Wives. The Extended Edition is finished (but not uploaded); most of the work on the recut is done but I need to review my faneditor's commentary track and decide if I want to re-record it before authoring the DVD.

The Raid 2 Extended Edition - I need to finish adding blood effects to a couple of the deleted scenes, which is kind of tiresome compositing work. Once that's done I have the audio work almost entirely done, so it won't take long. Given that I have recently purchased the film on Blu-Ray, and the deleted scenes were released at full-hd resolution, I may follow this up with HD versions of both my Berandal edit and the Extended Edition.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring - an idea that popped almost fully formed into my head about two weeks ago, in time for the much-delayed Romance Consecution at Barring any change requests from the FE Academy this is finished; it'll be released once the Consecution is complete and online.

MAX RENN: THE VIDEO MAN - Videodrome in the style of Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Originally envisioned as a ~15 minute short, this is currently clocking in at around 45 minutes (which is fitting, since Tetsuo is around 60 minutes long). Most of the main editing work on this is done, but I still need to do some work on the audio including music replacement.

The Cursed Count - A drastic re-edit of F W Murnau's Nosferatu into a romance short. My original project idea for the Romance Consecution, not abandoned but paused after realising that the work involved meant it was not well-suited to tight deadlines. Like "The Equation Of Crime", my short for the Cops Consecution, I don't know if the change of tone and genre will be completely convincing in the final result, but these are the sorts of experiments that appeal to me in fanediting.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth - This one has been gestating for years and years; for so long in fact that I started it back when I was still using Premiere Elements as an editing suite and knew so little about DVD ripping that I still used split m2v files as my source. The project will need to be restarted in Movie Studio with a  Lagarith source, but I should be able to recreate the work I've done so far reasonably quickly once I get started. The larger challenge is finishing the script for the intertitles and cutting the ending in a satisfactory manner that feels tonally consistent with the original story.

Eurotrip Extended Workprint, v2 - What it says on the tin. Recreating my old Eurotrip Extended Edition with better source, proper audio editing and better handling of the deleted scenes. Since they're only available at lower resolution it'll be workprint-quality.

Scott Pilgrim: Eleven Evil Exes Edition, v2 - A complete do-over of my first-ever fanedit. Some of the ideas for this went into Scott Pilgrim: Punch-Out!! Edition, but there's plenty more to do. As with the Punch-Out!! Edition, I have ideas for some extras to go on the DVD release too, which will be time-consuming but fun to put together.

Sucker Punch - Removing as much slow-motion as possible, as well as the horrendously expository visual reinforcement of the narrative, adding the Ben Hibon animated shorts as transitional sequences, and creating a new ending.

Guardians Of The Galaxy - I liked the film well enough but felt that there was some flab and a couple of jokes which fell completely flat for me. This is a simple edit, really just removing things like all the Ronan scenes before the Guardians meet him (because they feel contrived to establish wider MCU nonsense rather than serving the film). Low priority.

Mortal Kombat v2 - Effectively a sort of "de-crappified" version; it's v2 because as with Shadow Over Innsmouth I will need to recreate the entire project in Movie Studio using the previous workprint version as a guide. Low priority.

  • (500) Hours Of Ramona - Scott Pilgrim, non-chronological-structure. Short.
  • Untitled Evil Dead short
  • The Odyssey - Adrien Brody combo short, using parts of The Jacket as a framing device.
  • Elysium - cut all scenes of what Elysium is like before Max gets there, cut back Delacourt's character, dump the "Max as a kid" stuff.
  • Hotline New York - Not a million miles away from Taxi Driver recut in the style of Drive, only the narrative will be closer to the Hotline Miami games.
  • X-Men First Class - As with GotG, a simple edit to trim a bit of flab, a couple of flat jokes, and maybe reinsert some of the deleted scenes.
  • Lords of Berberian - What if Lords Of Salem was the film being made in Berberian Sound Studio? Recutting both films so that the mental breakdown of the protagonists of both films happen in tandem.
  • Europe Is Bad For Your Health - Airplane-style spoof using bits of Eurotrip as a framing device, basically showing teens or travellers having horrible fates befall them all over Europe, all while the core Eurotrippers blunder on obliviously.

Yeesh. I won't be done with this list any time soon, will I?


  1. Hey man! just found this after trying (and failing) to find the password for the PUNCH-OUT! edit. The Eleven Evil Exes thing sounds super cool too. I think Scott Pilgrim is begging to be edited.

    Of course, the question always is "how do I get these things?" Sometimes the (?) site works, but there are a lot of dead links. or in your case, I have it, but its password protected. Some of the bigger ones I have seen have been great like Pulp Empire, War of the Stars, and Killer Horizon (?) is now my favorite way to watch that movie.

    anyway. any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Ron, the password for that should be "" (without the quotes). A few people mentioned having some problems extracting the file, so if that's happening to you try 7-zip (a free download from That's what I used to create the file and it seems to have solved the problem for most folks.

      I hope you enjoy the edit - please let me know what you think of it.

    2. I liked it! it moved at breakneck speed, but if you are looking for the fights, this is the way to go. I question why all the videogame endings are at the end twice though. After such a fast paced edit, it just seemed long and repetitive.

      Can't wait to see your next edit. I dont know how far along you are, but I am eager to see what you come up with.

    3. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

      The repetition of the game endings sounds strange. I'll have to check the version I released - it's a while since I put it together, but I didn't intend the endings to be repeated so I must have fumbled something. It might have been part of me trying to work around limitations of the software I used to create the DVD, but I'm not sure.