Sunday, 16 June 2013

Adobe, If Your Software Had A Face, I Would Punch It In The Balls

Good news for me: I once again have a working Premiere Elements 10 installation with which to work on my edits.

Frustrating news for me: After spending a week removing software, running diagnostics routines, completely removing the .NET Framework and reinstalling it 1 tedious piece at a time (tedium ensues from the Framework's requirement to recompile itself every time you install/update a component), removing and reinstalling my graphics adapter....I discover that the fix is, apparently, to delete a file called "baddriver.txt" in the Adobe ProgramData subdirectory. That's it.

Could've saved myself an awful lot of time and tedium, had I known that in advance. Of course, Adobe could've helped me here by setting things up such that if one searches for the error I was getting, one was directed to the relevant KB article rather than to ElementsVillage/Adobe Forum discussions about how display driver updates are the solution.

Hence Adobe/Face/Balls Punching.

This does mean I can start looking at the deleted scenes in my Eurotrip Extended Edition and see if deinterlacing helps with the quality, at least...

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