Saturday, 15 June 2013


In AD2010
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was beginning.
Edgar Wright: Someone set us up the DVD.That One Guy: All your deleted scenes are belong to us.
Edgar Wright: You have no chance of director's cut.
That One Guy: Take off every fanediting software.
That One Guy: For great extended edition!

Putting it another way: I got interested in fanediting upon realising that I would never see an officially-sanctioned Extended Edition or Director's Cut of Scott Pilgrim, despite the availability of a number of excised scenes which, in my opinion (as a fan of the six-volume comic series), made the film better.

I started in about as wrong a manner as possible - undertaking to edit an entire film without ever having used the tools available to me before, using a compressed mp4 ripped from my DVD as the source material, and rushing the entire job. Oh, and signing up to but failing to realise how much I had to learn until after I had attempted a release of what was, frankly, a horrible-looking mess of a first edit.

Needless to say, that did not end well, and the resultant hatchet-job has been consigned to the rubbish heap. I didn't lose interest in fanediting, however - I just accepted that it was going to be a much more exacting and time-consuming hobby, so I would need to adjust my approach and expectations.

I do plan to return to Scott Pilgrim and assemble a proper version of my Eleven Evil Exes Edition - but I still have more to learn along the way.

I started this blog because I wanted somewhere other than the FE forums to scribble down my experiences as a novice editor. Party for my own sake (tracking changes in workflow, noting down comparisons of tools) and partly because, well, there's a steep learning curve involved in fanediting and attempting to describe my trajectory through that learning process might encourage other future editors to take up the hobby as well.

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